Hello, I’m Quentin and I’m a graphic designer and developer from Paris working especially in the fields of editorial and type design, digital design and coding systems. I’m working for various freelance projects and try to figure out what could be a website as a part of F451. I’m now in Paris working as a freelancer for some graphic design studios.



  • 16-18 Master Type Design with honors, École Estienne, Paris

  • 15-16 DSAA in Graphic Design, ESAAT, Roubaix

  • 13-15 BTS in Graphic Design (spzd.digital), ESAAT, Roubaix

Recent personal work

  • Studio Remco van Bladel

  • Ampersound Records

  • Acédie 58

  • Le TLFi

  • EuroNext System Family

Current fascinations

  • Kirby 3

  • Bach’s keyboard music

  • Sunset Park’s taquerias

  • Monospaced typefaces