This is a collection of pictures of my work of the last few months. Unordered and uncomplete.

Works displayed

  • 15 print.e162, website for the launch event of E162
  • 14 Andrew Dussert, website for a Parisian artist/designer
  • 13 Salon Graphique no.4, identity and booklet for a lecture day in Paris
  • 12 E162, website of the Master in Type Design of École Estienne, Paris
  • 11 Histoire de l'art, book design for the famous art history book by Elie Faure
  • 10 IJburg, typeface and specimen inspired by the city of Amsterdam
  • 09 Las Vegas, leeflet displaying multiple texts and images about the city of Las Vegas
  • 08 Midge, typeface used in Metropolis M
  • 07 Panorama, website for Panorama, le Fresnoy school graduation show
  • 06 Pendulum, book on the subject of Steve Reich's Pendulum Music
  • 05 Printemps de la Typographie, poster for a lecture event on typography
  • 04 Everything, Always, Everywhere, monograph of the artist Rafael Rozendaal
  • 03 Trésor de la Langue Française, website for a French dictionary
  • 02 Richard Tuttle, monograph of the American artist Richard Tuttle
  • 01 Reading Wikipedia, an experiment on Wikipedia articles